Day 1


Finally arrived in Brunei (no photos were taken).  First of all, we met our tour guide, Mr Zul. Then we went straight for lunch at a buffet, the ice cream was good though.
Finally finished eating. So, we board the bus and head to the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre. Now the photos come in.
Discovering a sign at a fish pond

Taking selfies while waiting for trip mates to use toilets. Fish Eye effect found on camera
(Left: Everi, Right: Shanice)

Yes! Finally entering!
First of all, what is the black hole like? Cool exhibit. Spin the ball round and round, MIGHT be able to be found at Singapore Science Centre

...And more exhibits come. No photos were taken :(, but we shall explain.
Next, different types of rocks and many more. Let's skip to an exhibit with pictures.
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, I present you the "Knodding Donkey" Replica is a little big, so... two photos

One more exhibit about how the oil are used, then our own free time to explore the "light" section of the centre.
Colourful shadows (1st pic: Everi, 2nd pic: Shanice (hidden))

Interesting plastics that change colour under plastic

Special 'wand' that turns into green colour with electricity (looks like lightsaber from Star Wars)
(1st pic: Staff of the discovery centre showing us, 2nd: Shanice giving it a try)

Also a "Brain Teaser" section, no pictures again :(

Supposed to go night market. Due to traffic jam, night market is strike off from itinerary. (like this)
-Go to night market

Check in to Orchid Garden Hotel. Rest for the night.

Day 2!

Today, we went to the sago factory. At the sago factory, we saw firsthand the process of how they made the sago. 

The trees that are used to extract sago from are palm trees. However, the sago will only be collected from the middle section of the palm tree. There are also uses for other parts of the tree so as not to waste the materials from the trees. 

They will first use a metal like rod to “scrap” off the bark of the palm tree. Some of the people in our group tried doing so too.  (Shanice tried)

After that, they will use an axe to chop the centre part of the middle part of the tree into smaller pieces. 
Chopping palm tree trunk <--Video
Then, they will use a machine to “mash” these large chunks of the tree into a mushy like substance. I personally tried this and feel that this is probably something you wouldn’t get the chance to do in Singapore. (Everi tried)
Everi 'flattening' trunk with machine <--Video
We also get the chance to touch the sago before it is made into the final product. It was in a huge area filled with 90% water and about only 10% sago. The sago was at the bottom of the area. 
They will then wash them until it’s completely white. (Ignore the voices of the video)

Mushy Sago <--Video
We also saw the person demonstrating how to cook and eat the final product which is sago. They also showed us what they do with the top part of the palm tree. Turns out, they leave it in an area for about 40 days and then after that take out the worms in them which are sold at about $20 Brunei currency for 1 kg. 

Maggots found in the tree trunk

The maggots could be fried and eaten, but after washing them. Unfortunately, our teacher did not let us try. The maggots are cut into half directly above the wok, and a yellow substance would flow out. Watch the video to know.
Frying Maggots (Yummy😋)
After the sago factory, we went to the Royal Regalia Building and learnt about the sultan and his past. There, we saw pictures of the sultan and we also the replicas and actual monuments that were used at actual ceremonies. Most of these were plated with gold. 
The replica of the royal carriage.

Some random photos...

Girls' photo

After the Royal Regalia Building, we went to the water village. 

Selfies on the water taxi

Rocks which look like koko krunch

At the water village, we took a boat to the house which we visited. 

We also enjoyed local delicacies there. 
no photos :( *busy eating*

Back to hotel, after dinner, rest for the night

Day 3

Good Morning! Rise and shine sleepy heads!

Getting ready for breakfast

To the Padi Field! Vroom!

Plowing machine (Ignore the car)

Taking the bus further into the field to see older rice plants/wheat

Reached, some pictures of older rice plants/wheat

Golden Apple Snail Eggs (the pink thing)

Seedlings of the rice plant/wheat

Next adventure: RTB (Radio Television Brunei)

Real Radio DJ in action

Green screen in studious
(Left: Shanice, Right: Baheera (S1-08))

Adventure time: OVER
Back to hotel, ate dinner there, rest for the night.