Day 4

Today, we went to Berambang Island. 

We met the Maktab Sains students there at Brunei Waterfront and then took the boat there together. 

I was really excited to meet the students because I knew that they were from a different culture and a different background which I thought would be interesting to know and learn about from the students themselves. 

Upon arriving at Brunei Waterfront, we were warmly greeted and welcomed by the Maktab Sains teachers and we were immediately given the task we were supposed to do on the way to Berambang Island in the boat. 

Upon reaching the island, we took a bus up to where we would hike up Bukit Pahang, Telaga Puteri, Batu Bertingkat and Batu Kapor Cave. The hike was a very interesting experience. 

We hiked up some very steep slopes and areas. I was proud of myself I guess when we reached our destination. The breathtaking view at the top was very beautiful and it was certainly very rewarding. 

Cave when people in the past used to mine coal

The students were very friendly and approachable. We were partnered up with one of the students we interacted with during the ice breaker activity and we asked each other questions about ourselves to know each other better. We also played another game there so we were more comfortable with each other. 

Everi's partner was really friendly and she made her feel very welcomed and less awkward. After that, we did an activity which was the main project of today. We were given a scenario such that we were given Berambang Island and we were split up into 4 groups and each of these groups are either Environmentalists, Commoners/Villagers, Entreprenuers and Industralists. Everi was in the "Industralists" group while Shanice was in the "Villages" group.

We were supposed to convince a panel of judges, which are the teachers, why the piece of land should be given to us. The students there were really easy to work with and they were also really smart because it seemed like they knew everything. 

Soon, the activity was over and it was time for us to leave. Before we left, we exchanged souvenirs with our partners. And we also took pictures together with them for memory’s sake.
(1st pic: Everi and her partner, 2nd pic: Shanice and her partner)

Maktab Sains and SST

A huge thank you to Maktab Sains for the memories made there

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